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It was years ago. You went to the beach, which you never do.

Your friends were like, Come on, you never come out anymore, and you went to shut them up and because you had nothing better to do, really.

You were maybe a couple years out of high school, he was a few years older. Headwise, you were as you are now, except you were both a little less tired, a little more willing to try these things in good faith, in good fun. The weight of the world was a little less, back then.

There was a big bonfire, a bunch of people circled around in their cars and trucks and blankets, curled together. There were lots of people, maybe fifty or so, all laughing and playing and having a good time, warm and welcoming; coolers of beer, guys tossing around a football. This one guy, he was sitting by the fire, looking just a little out of place, but comfortable. You were both a little bit older than the rest.

He had this shadow of stubble and these deep dark eyes, so you went over to talk to him, because he seemed, y’know, interesting. He said something funny right off, and you laughed with your heads together. Your friends looked at you with knowing smiles and went on about their party. It faded around you both, people playing in big knots that passed you by gently.

He said his name was Jeff.

Later, when you went walking on the beach, you told him a story about water sprites or sirens or some damn thing, some quirky little story you had in the back of your mind. He found it totally endearing and played along: asking Okay, so what did the soldier do? Like this? Okay. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, but he had this mischievous little smile going on and you couldn't help but return it.

So you talked all night and you were getting closer and a chill in the air made you get the blanket from the Jeep, and Jeff wrapped it around you both. He put his arm around you, you put your hand on his chest and then there was this one kiss, like candy-coated wasabi: on the surface it was all polite and sweet and almost chaste, all you did was kiss, there wasn't any pawing or biting or savagery, but it hit your gut like a fireball and all of a sudden you were squirming.

It was only then that you noticed the fall chill in the air had gotten damper, sharper in the aging night. Everybody was turning in –tents and cars, mostly, for those who had them. You and Jeff were just sitting there on the sand looking at each other, and you were thinking, I don’t know this guy at all, but I think I want, yeah. It’s crazy but I want, yeah.

So you said, You got a place to sleep? and he said no, he was just gonna sleep on the beach, so you told him the backseat folds down in your Cherokee and he just stood up and took you by the hand, blanket falling away from his shoulders.

He pulled you up too fast and you stumbled against his side, but he had an arm around you and you were both off to the Jeep, easy. You fixed up the seats the right way and as Jeff was spreading out the blanket you caught the eye of the girl who brought you and she was giving you the thumbs up. You flipped her off but you laughed.

And then Jeff was climbing in the Jeep and it was time and you got a little flutter in your stomach, a little bit nervous and a little bit excited. You didn't know him but you knew he was handsome and his hands were rough but kind, and it was kind of a thrill. He could've been anybody. You let your mind dream up a sort of dark past for him, an interesting job, all that, because you mostly talked about books and movies, and you didn't really know.

He pulled the hatch closed and laid you down on the bed of the Jeep, on the blanket; he brushed his thumb over your cheek and then sank his fingers into your hair as he kissed you again. You had your hands on his waist, holding him closer, and he pressed his hips against yours. You could feel that he wanted you; it felt a little scary, almost, he hadn't said hardly anything, he was just like a force of nature.

He took your wrist and pinned it to the floor, just gently, as if to see how you'd react. He spent a minute like that, just looking at you when you didn't pull away, watching you held down for him. He didn't even bother with your other hand, it wasn’t really necessary. He knew he had you, and you could see the satisfaction in his eyes, in the curve of his lips.

You blushed and turned your face, but he just dipped his head and opened his mouth over your neck, sucking marks onto you, he was that sure of himself. You lifted your knee, tilted your hips into his, and he took the invitation and slid on top of you, settled between your thighs and rested there, heavy. He made his way down to your collarbone, let go of your wrist to pull up your shirt, pushing the hem of it until it slid over your breasts. Then he just let it rest there, pushed his fingers into one cup of your bra and moved it until he could see what he wanted, and he bent his head to taste.

Soon he had them both like that, bound up, and you thanked God that you weren't expecting this and wore the one that just held them, not buttressed them up, because he’d never have been able to do this if you'd Oh, oh, oh.

His stubble made warm burns on the high curves of your breasts, and meanwhile his hand was busy at the waist of your jeans. Your hands were in his hair and you were thinking God, it's not fair, he's not even undressed at all, but oh, oh, oh.

He came back up and kissed you, hard, on the mouth, and as he shoved his fingers down under the edge of your panties he was pressing against your tits with his t-shirt, the cold edge of zipper and leather on his jacket biting into your skin. His beard rubbed against your chin and then against your mouth as he murmured, Will you...

And you were arching up against him, you tightened your hands on his hair and said, Tell me, what do you want, tell me.

He took your wrist, he guided it down and slid it over his cock. He said, Will you suck me? and god knows you were shy about that, but you shivered all the same.

Yeah, you breathed, and he didn't waste any time, he just got up and shifted around to your side, moved up to kneel by your head. He lifted you by the shoulders, cradled your head for support, you barely had to do anything.

God, I’ve been thinking about this all night, he groaned, and you took his cock in hand, angled it down toward your lips. He twitched his hips, involuntary, and you just licked at the tip, felt his hand tighten in your hair as he made a heavy, tearing sound.

You opened your mouth and took him in, just the tip for the moment, tasting the salt that slipped from him. He was just breathing, fast and hard, you could feel the tension in his hands and thighs, as you lay across him. You sucked lightly, not really quite sure what you were doing, it was kind of an awkward angle, but you could see how his jaw was tight, his teeth were clenched. You slipped your tongue over him again, another few slick drops came for you, and he groaned raw and desperate.

Ever so gently, his hand cupped the back of your neck and urged you forward.

You slid your mouth a little further along, obliging, trying to govern your mouth, open it wider, let him in. There was a sharp sound as Jeff's fist slammed against the back of the passenger seat.

You slid back a little and he let you, but you sensed the struggle in him. Your lips tightened as you almost smiled; you opened to take him in again, and he literally growled in frustration - so slow, so good, so.

His hips hitched, you had a hand on the denim, and you held on tight as you started working your mouth back and forth. He groaned, bliss and relief, and started muttering nonsense at you, So good, don't stop, god, god, oh. You pushed your hand up under his shirt, slid it up over soft skin and hard muscle, and he trapped it with his as his hips bucked, just a little bit, moving with you.

He could only take that for a little while, and then he gently let you down to lay on the bed of the truck, moving down to your legs and pulling at your jeans: he wanted them off, off, off. Your boots hit the side of the Jeep, he was tossing anything he didn't need, you heard your keys drop out of your pocket as you tried to lift your legs free.

When it was done, Jeff's rough hands lifted you up. You weren't really sure what he wanted, but you knelt, going with it, and then he was laying down on his back and pulling you up, up to his head. You began to get the idea.

He had his hands on your hips, pulling you forward, and when you settled your knees on either side of his head he pulled you down and then, Oh.

Warmth as the sun. He kissed you, rubbed his face on your thighs and just opened his mouth like he'd eat you whole if he could. His tongue licked in broad, warm strokes, you felt like you were melting down onto him and you had to lean on the hatch to keep yourself upright. You could hear yourself make little sounds, Oh, oh, oh God, and his fingers clenched tight on you when that happened, making little fingerprint bruises on your thighs, your ass.

He murmured mmm into your cunt, you could feel the low vibrations all through you, and you tried not to grind down onto his face but it was so hard not to. He urged you to lean forward, just a little, and then his fingers were coming up behind you, two pushing hard and thick into you as he sucked at you, he was everywhere, there was no respite, your fingers tightened and your voice rose.

His fingers, his tongue, the sheer heat of him, you were twitching and moaning and then all of a sudden he was pressing a slick finger into your ass and you shoved back against him and cried out, shaking, he was all around you and you didn't have any, you couldn’t, you were.

You came for him, tense around him, thighs shaking. His fingers slipped away, you could've cried because they were gone, you needed him and he wasn’t there.

And then he was lifting your knee, trying to get you off him, and you pulled up but you wobbled, fell on your ass on the blanket, and then he was there, tucking your face in his neck and wrapping his arms around you. Shh, shh, he said, and you bit at his neck, you were this close to clawing at him if it'd get him to shut up and fuck you already.

You were practically climbing him, you dug your hands down to get at his cock and he laughed, low and rumbling. Somehow you turned around and kicked and fell until you were on your back and he was pulling your legs around his waist, until he was shoving his jeans down and burying his face in your tits again, biting and sucking and scraping stubble. You tightened your legs, pulled him toward you and twisted your fingers in his hair, and then he moved up and shoved into you, all at once.

You cried out, dug your heels into his ass and clung to his shoulders. He had a hand clenched in your hair, his teeth at your jaw, your neck, and he started rocking into you hard and fast. His hips smacked against yours, the Jeep was moving with you and he was thick and solid and had you so open, so totally open for him. He was warm and the world was cold, he was fast and everything else was slow, you just had to hold on and let him, let him, yes.

He was tense all over, he was gritting out words like Jesus, fuck, yeah, and you were just a mess of unrelated syllables; when he pushed himself up on his hands and shifted the angle there was a whole new… He was fucking you right across the, you couldn't, the way it, oh God, Yes Jeff yes yes oh yes oh...

And as you came for him again there was a ragged, high cry; he shoved against you once, twice, and that was it, symphony, explosion.

There was a ringing in your ears when the white faded back, and a moment of silence. Jeff was collapsed on top of you, panting heavy in your ear.

Faintly, then, from somewhere else on the campsite, there was a muffled Whoo! and then scattered, sleepy laughter and applause.

You turned red, and Jeff laughed against your shoulder.