Family Matters – Gen 2448 wds
The Winchester Wonder Years.
Lady of the House – Gen 695 wds
Spare Time – Gen 684 wds
Reveille – Gen 645 wds
Sleight of Hand – Sam/Dean 1337 wds
Don't Ask, Don't Tell – Sam/Dean 5613 wds
Sequel to Sleight of Hand. Sam and Dean sometimes run out of money on the road, and Dean makes ends meet when he has to, however he has to.
Pixy Stix – Sam/Dean 4797 wds
Ward – Sam/Dean 3835 wds
A teenaged Sam and Dean run into trouble learning the ropes of shoplifting and get thrown in the local jail to think things over.
The Price To Be Paid – Sam/OFC/OFC 1553 wds
Rabbits Running – Dean/OFC 6218 wds
Vicarious Atonement – Sam/OFC 2007 wds
By Danny & Cee.