SATURDAY 11PM / 11:30 PM

Ain't No Stranger – Supernatural, Jensen 517 wds
Jensen's got a plan, and he'll get what he wants.
Good Boys Don't – Supernatural, Jared/OFC 13003 wds
Circa Jared's high school years. Heavily inspired by Jared's performance in Cheaper by the Dozen. He seems like a nice guy these days, but what if he wasn't always?
Exactly Who I'm Supposed To Be – Supernatural, Jensen/OFC 7676 wds
Set when Jensen's in high school. This is not a companion piece for Good Boys Don't, not really, but they're in sort of the same vein.
Tailgate – Supernatural, JDM/OFC 2323 wds
Once upon a time, your friends persuaded you to go to the beach, which you never did anymore, and there you met a handsome man.
If I Catch You Coming Back My Way – Supernatural, Jensen/JDM 6260 wds
Set in Jensen's high school years, in Dallas. Not an AU.
By The Letter – Supernatural, Jared/Jensen 12387 wds
Jensen gets hold of Jared's iPod and finds a playlist of songs with his own name on it.
Monogatari – Supernatural, Jared/Jensen 78488 wds
This is the biggest piece of fiction I have ever written. It's an AU in a parallel universe where Japan kind of took over half the world and the boys are - wait for it - samurai. I can't explain where it came from or what came over me, but suffice it to say that I'm mostly proud of it.
Storm Coming On – Supernatural, Jared/Jensen 20691 wds
It's long and winding and we make it through two parts of Texas before getting back to Vancouver, but it's over the Christmas hiatus and it's a love story, and that's what you gotta know.
Fairy Tale: A True Story – Supernatural, Jared/Jensen 11898 wds
Not an AU. Jensen is visited by a girl about three apples tall, questions his own sanity, and then it gets weirder.
You Ain't Lonely – Supernatural, Jared/Jensen 4650 wds
Done for the Kink Cliche challenge. I was given pretend boyfriends, which is very definitely what this is. It was fun for a lark!
Focus – Supernatural, Jared/Jensen 10280 wds
The boys experience a shift in focus thanks to a lot of alcohol. Jeffrey Dean Morgan helps them figure out what the problem is, and then kicks them to the curb to settle it.
I Am Fallen To This – Smallville, Mike/Tom 14106 wds
AU. Michael is a successful stage actor, and his carefully planned life in Seattle is interrupted by something he never expected.