Talking Grey – Spike/Angel 1389 wds
AtS, an hour or so post-finale. Angel, Spike and Illyria regroup.
Comfort – Spike & Angel 563 wds
Circa s5 AtS. Some things are harder than Spike makes them look.
The Grieving Process – Spike/Angel 1244 wds
Spoilers for BtVS 5x22: The Gift.
Chiaroscuro – Spike/Xander 15888 wds
AU, circa s5. Xander doesn't really know what he's looking for, but Spike might.
Without Price – Spike/Xander 6954 wds
Circa BtVS: s7, then just after AtS 5x08: Harm's Way.

These stories are some of the first I ever wrote in fandom, and in general. I keep an archive of them because some people still like them, and because I like to look back and see how I've grown as a writer.