"Come on."

Perched on a rooftop, Robin glared hard at the assortment of lowlifes in Crime Alley. Junkie, junkie, dealer, junkie. They weren't the ones he really wanted to be glaring at. "I am going to tell you this one more time, and then you are going to go away. Patrol is not something you can play hooky from."

Kon leaned against them the brick wall, his arms folded over his chest. They started to shift under his weight and he caught himself before they moved far enough to fall, but it destroyed the suave effect he'd been going for. "Jesus," he scowled. "Your whole stupid city's falling apart."

"My city," Robin gritted out, eyes fixed on the street below, "is not stupid."

Kon brushed a hand over his chest, the thin black t-shirt catching against his palm. Super costumes always looked vibrant and alive, Robin noted, even in the washed-out starlight. The fabric curved across broadly shaped pectorals, too broad for a kid like Conner Kent. People in Smallville must be permanently damaged by all the gamma radiation, something destroying their natural skepticism, because how else could they fail to see the hint of S-shaped curl that brushed Kon's brow when his hair got too long? Especially when he insisted on running around in what amounted to street clothes? There wasn't even an attempt at subtlety - jeans that tight were practically demanding to be looked at.

Not that Tim was looking.

"Your city is an enemy to fun," Kon announced. "It must be vanquished."

In the alley, a pimp approached the dealer and started an argument. Robin judged it a good time to look away - some crimes didn't strictly need intervention. Far be it from him to give Kon the satisfaction, though - he checked the police scanner instead, glaring at an unoffending part of the rooftop across the street.

The light touch of a thumb at the nape of his neck startled him badly enough that he almost dropped the transmitter. "What's it gonna hurt?" Kon asked, brushing the pad of his thumb lightly across the hairline. Robin repressed a shudder, though he could do nothing about the goosebumps. "Those chumps don't need your help," Kon continued, his voice lowering to just above a whisper. "And there's nothing fun on your scanner. I can hear."

"You consider this fun?" Robin asked, not trusting himself to move. He focused on not letting his head fall forward, not arching into the hot touch. "Were you having fun at the Tower, too?"

Kon hesitated. Robin could feel the tension spark between them, trying to catch. "That was different," Kon said. "That's not what I meant."

Robin forced his mind to replay the late night, the flickering television, the air so heavy between them. If you're such a hacker, Kon had challenged, get us HBO. Robin had breezed through 800 channels, and of course Kon told him to stop at the lesbians. They were both surprised when the scene abruptly switched to a pair of naked guys, and Robin had gone for the remote, but Kon said, wait. Maybe the girls will come back.

The next time the girls were on screen, he and Kon had been too busy trying to figure out how to kiss another guy to pay attention.

They'd necked for a solid hour. Robin told Kon his suit was designed to electrocute anybody who tried to get into it without permission, but that only made Kon groan into his mouth and grip his hair a little tighter. By the time they were finally interrupted (by Kory, oh, the agonies) the TV was just some crime drama, and Robin criticized their forensic research until Kon got bored and went to sleep.

It was just a dumb, late-night thing you'd never do twice, Robin had told himself. Everybody experiments in the Titans Tower. It didn't mean anything.

But now here Kon was, on what was quickly revealing itself to be a booty call to Gotham, and Robin had no intentions of giving up anything that could be even remotely termed booty, but that was beside the point, really, because the real problem here was that he and Kon were best friends, and -

"Holy inappropriate patrol activity," Tim breathed as Kon licked a burning stripe along the collar of Robin's cape.

Of course, the minute Kon heard that, he cracked up. Tim had been expecting that, a chance to put the evening back on track, but Kon wrapped his arm around Tim's waist and leaned into him, which was not in line with the plan at all. "Do you guys seriously say that?" Kon laughed.

"No," Tim muttered, trying to squirm out of Kon's grip without seeming to squirm.

Kon just shifted his arm to grab Tim a little more tightly. He hummed a low note, pleased, and Robin froze as he felt Kon press their bodies together. "You can keep that up," Kon offered, his breath gone hot again.

Robin's body was turning traitor, the itch building low in his balls, his skin warming where Kon touched. The collar stuck in the sweat on his neck. "I'm not," he tried, the words knotting at the back of his throat.

"What?" Kon asked, lips brushing the back of his neck. "Into guys? Me either."

"No," Tim scowled. "I wasn't..."

"Asking me to fuck you," Kon growled, and the scrape of his teeth across Robin's exposed throat was sharp, terrifying, unbearably hot.

"Yes," Tim breathed, letting go of the scanner to grip Kon's hip and bring it closer. "That."

Kon let go then, and Tim spun around fast enough to get his hands up, to shove Kon back against the stairwell wall and grip that thin t-shirt. He put his mouth to Kon's, hard, needing to take instead of being taken from, and Kon just rubbed his thumb against the nape of Tim's neck and opened for him. It was unbearable, to have a being this powerful trembling under his hands, and Tim thought he could get drunk on this, maybe get so he needed it to even get through the day. He fumbled at his belt until he felt the recorder click on. "Alien pheromone," he mumbled, Kon's bottom lip between his teeth. "Possibly narcotic."

Kon laughed again, a perfect sound. "Are you getting high off kissing? Because if you are, you really gotta get laid."

"We don't kill," Robin growled, jerking Kon's head back by the hair. "We don't kill..."

He had his face firmly buried in Kon's neck when Robin began to sense he was being watched. He slowed for a second, pulling away, but Kon snaked an arm around his back and yanked him in again. "Where're you going?" he said, a wicked twist in his voice.

"The Bat Cave," said a deep, furious voice. "Now."

"Oh my God," Kon stuttered, shoving his hands against Tim's chest. Tim wasn't expecting that and stumbled backward, watching Kon scrub his hand over his mouth, his blue eyes wide. "I wasn't doing anything!"

Tim rolled his eyes so hard the muscles twinged in his skull. "Superboy, seriously -"

Bruce came toward them, gravel scattering in front of him, the cape billowing deep and deadly. His eyes were lightless, shadowed under the cowl, black holes. Tim had seen him approach the Joker with less intimidation. "Robin," Bruce said, the voice amplifier hollowing the air. "Get in the car."

Kon pressed against the wall, wild around the eyes. "I swear, if you have kryptonite, Clark's gonna freak out."

"Superman gave me kryptonite," Batman snarled, his teeth sharp and white.

Kon's face turned approximately the same color as those teeth. "Oh."

"He's not going to use kryptonite on you, Kon," Tim sighed. "He's just trying to scare you."

"It's working," Kon offered.

Batman ignored him in favor of glaring at Tim. "Robin."

"You have no say on whom I date," Tim told him firmly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Batman scowled. "My city. My responsibility. My rules."

"So you're saying we can screw each other silly, just so long as we do it in Kansas."

Kon's eyes went white around the edges. "Wait, we're dating?"

"No," Bruce insisted, loud enough for the sound to bounce off the next building.

Tim smiled. "No we're not dating, or no we can't screw in Kansas?"

"Tim!" Kon said. Tim could hear the plaintive request in his tone to shut the hell up, stop baiting Batman or he is going to kill me.

Bruce gestured in Kon's direction, his jaw set. "I've been here for sixty seconds and he's using your name in public."

"You do that," Tim countered.

"I'm sure nobody's listening," Bruce said, and turned on his heel. He made for the side of the building, cape clawing at the gravel in his wake. "Move. I'm out of patience and Iím not arguing about this here."

Tim sighed and straightened his cape. "I gotta go," he told Kon, who nodded and pointed in the direction Batman had gone. "Yes," Tim agreed. "It's probably best if you don't come back to Gotham for the next couple of days, but I'll see you at the Tower on Friday night."

Kon gestured after Batman again.

Tim smiled, just a little, and then turned toward the fire escape.

"Hey, Tim?" Kon said, just as Tim was about to drop down. He looked up and saw Kon floating above the gravel, just about to take off. He was still wild around the eyes, and Tim was pretty sure that if he was the one with supervision, he'd be able to see that S-curl standing on end. Kon scrubbed a hand across his hair and lifted a foot into the air. "Your dad is seriously freaky."

Tim laughed, right out loud. "Man, you have no idea."

They parted ways then, Tim down into crime alley and Kon up, up and away.


Sometimes, when bored, upset or fidgety, Robin liked to run the stairs at Titans Tower. It counted as training, cardio and muscle toning, and it was quiet. The gym almost always had somebody in it. When he hit the 20th floor for the third time, Tim picked the towel up off the railing and called it a day. He was drying the sweat off his face when he walked into the common room, which is why he didn't see Kon until he was almost on top of him.

""Watch it," came the warning, and Tim stopped on his toes just in time to not trip over Kon, his feet up on the coffee table despite Vic's repeated warnings. He was flicking channels, never staying on any channel for longer than six seconds.

"Hi," Tim said, dropping down onto the couch. Sweat ran down the back of his neck, cooling on his t-shirt. "Didn't know if you were gonna show."

"Course," Kon said, his jaw set in a hard line. "Why wouldn't I show?"

Tim shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe because Batman caught us making out and yelled at me for it in front of you?"

A deep, heavy blush colored Kon's cheeks, but he didn't move his eyes, not a bit. The silence stretched between them, awkward. "So?" Kon finally said. "I don't answer to Batman."

"I also said we were dating," Tim volunteered.

"Okay, and what the fuck?" Kon said, turning to glare at Tim. "Usually you'd, like, ask a guy or something. You don't just tell Batman I'm your boyfriend without... what?"

Tim tried not to smile. He tried very, very hard. That could go badly. "I have permission to see you. If that matters to you. It doesn't matter to me, but..."

Kon's glare softened. "Really? He said yes?"

"He didn't say no," Tim hedged. "But if he'd meant to say no, he would have."

"What does that even mean?" Kon said, squinting with suspicion.

"It means," Tim explained, sliding closer and ignoring Kon's sudden defensiveness. "That Batman is not here. And you and I are."

Kon turned his face away from Tim's, baring his neck, which was just as good. Tim went to work, and Kon sighed heavily. "You... you're going to get me killed. You know that."

"Superman would save you," Tim murmured, biting light on the warm skin.

Kon groaned and gripped Tim's shirt. "He has kryptonite. He told me so."

"He lies," Tim mumbled, pressing his hands to Kon's chest. "He just said it to scare you."

"I'm asking Clark," Kon sighed. He was going malleable in Tim's hands, leaning back on the couch, almost ready to give in - and then suddenly straightened up again. "Wait, do you have any of those bat-microphones on you?"

Tim lifted his head, his brows drawn together. "How do you know about those?"

"Kory told me," Kon retorted, his blue eyes gone sharp. "In aliens-dating-bats solidarity."

Tim frowned. "That's completely unfair."

"We need some kind of advantage. You guys have that whole telepathy thing."

"We don't have telepathy," Tim objected.

Kon rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

"I'm serious," Tim said, and lifted himself up on the couch, straddled Kon's lap. "We just know each other's signals. Like you and me are getting to do. I'll give you an example."

Kon looked up, his eyes darkening with flickers of red. "Okay."

Tim drew his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. "I don't need to read your mind to know what you're thinking right now," he explained.

"You need a shower?" Kon grinned.

"And you need to wash my back," Tim murmured, pitched low enough for only Kon's ears.

"Hey, guys," said Kid Flash, appearing in the room in a swirl of breeze. "God, Fridays are the best day. Hey, whatcha doing?"

Kon stood up, setting Tim on the ground in an easy display of TK. "Tim's teaching me bat-telepathy. Needs quiet, though. Gotta go."

"Hey," Bart objected, taking the remote control that Kon pressed into his hand. "Why does Kon get to learn it? He's not a bat."

"He's convincing," Tim said on his way out of the room.

Bart thumped down on the couch. "I could be convincing," he said, but the sound of the video game screen blared out after that, and Tim was too far gone to listen.